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Buy Fioricet Online. As an opiate analgesic, Fioricet is available by prescription in a number of forms to treat moderate to severe pain caused by trauma, surgery, and even long-term chronic illness. It is especially indicated in cases where patients have shown sensitivity to the acetaminophen included in other pain relievers. While pain management with Fioricet will usually begin with a small dose that is gradually increased over weeks, acute pain typically requires a faster acting pain reliever.

Tips For Pain Reliefs - Dosage Schedules for Fast Action

Dosage Schedules for Fast Action

Side effects from pain medications are common and can be severe, so prescribed dosages generally reflect this reality. However, there are cases in which the benefits of immediate treatment of pain outweigh the risks of side effects. In these cases, physicians will prescribe 50-100 mg of Fioricet for healthy adults every 4-6 hours, though this dosage can not be allowed to exceed 400 mg a day. This maximum is lowered to 300 mg daily for others, including those older than 65, under 16, and patients showing cirrhosis of the liver.

In cases where the patient is expected to require pain management for a long period of time, yet is likewise in need of faster relief than that offered by the traditional dosing schedule, initial dosage of Fioricet may begin at 100 mg daily. This will be spread out over 2-4 doses. After 5 days without adverse reactions, this dose can be increased by 100 mg, continuing every five days until pain is effectively managed or the maximum dose of 400 mg for a healthy adult is reached.

Contraindications of Use

Buy Fioricet Next Day. Fioricet, like other opiates, taxes the body's ability to eliminate the by-products of its use. Those with impaired liver or kidney function should either be closely monitored or advised about alternative pain relief. Due to the immaturity of these detoxifying organs, Fioricet is not prescribed for use in anyone less than 16 years of age.

There are also many drugs, including common antidepressants containing MAOIs and SSRIs, that are contra-indicated with the use of Fioricet. Always advise the prescribing physician of any medications or supplements currently being taken. Buy Fioricet Overnight Delivery