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Q. What Is Generic Fioricet?

A: Fioricet is the popular brand name for a medical formulation developed as a centrally-acting analgesic. This pharmaceutical drug is used mainly for the treatment of pain associated with injury or when recovering from a surgical procedure. The generic form of the drug is manufactured by an independent laboratory.

Q: Are Generic Medicines Safe?

A: All medications available through our online pharmacy have been rigorously tested to make certain they are the same formulation as the original brand name product. They have been approved by the World Health Organization and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as safe when used as directed. All of our products carry the appropriate directions and warnings on their labels as required by law.

Q: Why Are These Medications Less Expensive?

A: We search for manufacturers that have been granted license to manufacture pharmaceuticals that are already on the market. Since the research and development costs need not be considered for an existing drug, the laboratory can produce these important medications and offer the to the public for a lower price than their popular brand name counterparts.

Q: What Does “No Prescription” Mean?

A: Patients requiring a medication that is available by prescription only have the choice of sending us documentation that shows he or she is already being prescribed a certain drug. We also have a staff of in-house physicians and pharmacists that can make a determination about an individual’s eligibility for ordering a product direct, without the need for a further doctor visit.

Q: How Do You Approve A Customer

A: Our independent pharmacists work in partnership with us to gather any necessary documentation required to approve the sale of any medications. This online consultation process is very convenient, takes only minutes in some cases, and eliminates the need for scheduling an appointment with a local doctor. Our medical professionals are licensed to approve medications for patients so long as the correct documentation is processed according to law.

Q: How Is My Order Shipped?

A: Orders are approved by our independent pharmacists and are sent for distribution immediately. Because we have products that are manufactured in various locations, we have a streamlined order processing system that allows for immediate packaging and delivery from one of the distribution centers. Orders are shipped in discreet packaging and are sent via courier or rush service provider directly to our customer’s address. This means that customers do not have to visit a local drug store to receive their medication. The entire process can be completed without the customer ever leaving home.

Q: Can I Cancel My Order?

A: You may cancel the order if it has not yet been shipped from the distribution center.

Q: Do You have A Return Policy?

A: Orders that are incorrect may be returned but this is a very rare occurrence. Due to health laws, we may not receive a return for an opened product or for medications that were correctly labeled and shipped only to be refused by the customer.

Q: Is My Personal Information Kept Safe?

A: We honor our customers’ requests for privacy and do not disclose any medical information about our patients to outside third parties. Nor do we distribute their personal information to advertisers, email mailing list companies or other medical institutions. We keep our customer’s sign-in and password information on file, as well as all faxed paperwork we receive concerning prescriptions. This is stored in a database which makes re-ordering simpler.

Q: Do I Pay For My Product Online?

A: Yes. Our company has a secure ordering system that will encrypt your credit or debit card information. We use a professional gateway software system and work directly with a payment processing company that also utilizes safeguards to protect your online payment.

Q: May I Talk To Customer Service Representatives?

A: Our company representatives are available for any questions regarding product details, the ordering process and any queries about necessary documentation. They can guide customers through any legal print and are able to update customer information when needed.

Q: Am I Guaranteed Delivery Where I Live?

A: Some states have regulations concerning the mailing or courier delivery of controlled substances. We also cannot ship to P.O. boxes, as we require a signature when our products are home-delivered.

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