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Buy Fioricet Online. Fioricet hydrochloride is an opiate widely prescribed for many patients in need of pain management. Most indicated in cases of chronic pain that is moderate to severe, it can also be used to combat acute pain stemming from accident trauma or surgery. Long-term care requires closely monitoring the patient to watch for side effects, and this is best accomplished with a slowly graduated dosage.

Chronic Treatment with Fioricet

Chronic Pain Management with Fioricet

Buy Fioricet Next Day. The risk of side effects are great with use of any opiate for pain management. If they are spotted in time, the patient can be switched to a different opiate or class of pain of medications to prevent damage to the vital organs and further discomfort. A graduated dose best ensures the safety of the patient and should be followed closely. Buy Fioricet Next Day

The initial dose for long-term management is 25 mg taken in the morning. On every third day, another 25 mg dose can be added to this, and it should be taken between 4-6 hours of the last dose. Hence, on day four the patient will follow the morning dose with another at about lunch time, for a maximum of 50 mg daily. On day 7, another dose can be added in the afternoon, giving a maximum of 75 mg. This continues until 4 doses daily are tolerated, after which the same cycle can be repeated until each dose is at 50 mg, giving a maximum of 200 mg daily. Over the next 12 days, each of the 4 doses can be doubled to 100 mg for a 400 mg maximum.

Side Effects

The schedule may seem onerous, but it is there for good cause. Besides the long list of pharmaceuticals contra-indicated for use with Fioricet, the drug has shown in trials to cause a range of side effects from mild to severe. Since doctors can not see the future or always see liver or kidney weakness, it is best to follow the schedule.

Side Effects include:

  • ~ vomiting
  • ~ drowsiness
  • ~ headache
  • ~ sweating
  • ~ and rare side effects, such as tremors, mood disturbance, seizure, coma and death